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About IFMG (In English)

publicado 24/05/2018 12h11, última modificação 14/04/2021 10h07



Minas Gerais Federal Institute of Education, Science and Technology

Minas Gerais Federal Institute of Education, Science and technology is a public educational institution, which is part of the Federal Professional and Technological Education Network from the Ministery of Education. (Read more about the Federal Network of Vocational, Scientific and Technological Education - Pdf document)

The IFMG offers technological courses at basic and higher leves. The Administrative unit is located in Belo Horizonte – the capital of Minas Gerais and 18 campi in other cities.


About Us

  • Name: Federal Institute of Education, Science and Technology of Minas Gerais
  • Abbreviated name: IFMG
  • Superior Office: Ministry of Education-Department of Technological Education
  • Main activity: Professional education of technological level
  • Mission: We aim to give Professional and Technical Education, through Teaching, Research and Extension, promoting development in the context of an inclusive and democratic society.
  • Vision: We aim to be an institution of excellence in professional and technological education, boosting technological, scientific, humanistic, environmental, social and cultural development, aligned with the region characteristics in which it appears.



Professional Education Technical Level

 Graduation Degree


Master Degree

  • The IFMG offers a master program – Professional Master in Sustenability and Environmental Technologies.
  • Research lines:
      1.  Applied Ecology
      2. Environmental Technology
      3. Environmental Management



  • More than 10000 Students 
  • 1138 Teachers
  • 866 Staff
  • 18 Campi